I9023 eur gri54 xxkb3

I9023 eur gri54 xxkb3

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Well, she was swimming in the dead of July in a bikini and was NOT pregnant that year of his supposed birth. Maybe he was hatched. No one could bear a child this rotten. Perhaps the egg came from Dante's Inferno.

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Tried to post too....awaiting moderation???

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Jan it took me years before I realized we had an evil govt. It was Osama bi Laden who said that the american people have no idea what an evil govt they have. I coudn't believe he made a statement like that right after 911-now I can, it's true. This NWO will go to any extreme to obtain their agenda of a one world order BUT WE THE PEOPLE will fight them tooth and nail and with the help of our Lord we will win.