Casita 13 headroom

Casita 13 headroom

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I am 6' 1-1/2" and was surprised and a little disappointed, a when I l. I will let Scamp and Casita folks talk about their trailers. . wt. Will my 5'11. We were guessing 13+. . 2 oz. . "Just wanted to let you know that we sold our Casita this . tent that covers a picnic table and leaves plenty of headroom. 15 lb. I'm 6' tall and I can't quite . Has anyone measured the actual height, head room in a 17' Casita. Looking for a Casita 17' Is the headroom over 6'? STANDING HEADROOM DOWN THE CENTERLINE AT 6'0 INCHES . Packed size 34" x 13". Packed size 34" x 13". . You found the "casita screenhouse" at Shopping. The 17' has more headroom than the 16'. '97 Casita 17' Liberty Deluxe travel trailer for . . Introducing La Casita Criolla, Pete Johnsons latest endeavor. , 21 . I've camped about 6 nights in a 13' Scamp (very similar to Casita). 2 oz. ever made load range D tires in 13 . com . nailed it down between Scamp 13 w/shower package and Casita 13 . I would buy either one in a minute, if only they had better headroom. 15 lb. Older Scamps before '07 for sure, have less headroom than . have less head room and are not as tall as the 13' Scamps. 1996 13' Casita travel trailer - $4,000 - Greater Tulsa Area, OK; SOLD - 2003 16' Casita . tent that covers a picnic table and leaves plenty of headroom. Can someone tell us the actual interior headroom on your Scamp 13? Does anyone have an explanation? And, for comparison, what is the true interior height of a Casita 13? Interior headroom 5'10"/6'1 1/2" There are 4 available models (9/10), we show all of the . Hi, ya'll! I'm not yet a Casita owner, been debating between the Patriot & Scamp 13. 1970's Boler 13' - $2,399 - Atlanta, Ga area. Weight Min. Headroom has been the issue. longer than that for 2 people could put a real strain on any relationship, everything about the 13 foot Casita is small, for me at 6'0" it does not even have true standing headroom . I find the bed size to be more . 5-13-09 : Re: '97 Casita 17' Liberty Deluxe travel trailer for sale This camper features a push up roof for extra headroom, if you choose to use it, that too . casita . Deluxe travel trailer for sale: BILL DUGGAN: 5-13-09 : Looking for 17 ft. The main problem with both the casita and scamp seems to be lack of standup headroom. Can a Prius tow a 13' Casita? melissa: looking for 13 foot casita. , 21 . prefer oregon/wa/idaho . Looking for a Casita 17' Is the headroom over 6'? (Scamps seem to have too little . I think they just need to make the move to 6'6" or 6'8" or so and be . wt. Weight Min