Urine smells like penicillin

Urine smells like penicillin

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. do horses get the "odor" that . . urine with a smell of penicillin • Urine smells like bread after taking of amoxicillin for sinusitis Apr 2, 2011 . What does it mean when your urine smells and your lower back hurts Urine smells like penicillin without taking it. what smells like penicillin Page - 1 . urine smells kinda like bleach? I was put on penicillin to keep me from getting a infection when i get my tooth pulled, and when i go to the bathroom, my urine smells almost like . Ask a doctor about urine smells like pneumonia, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, questions and . I was put on penicillin to keep me from getting a infection when i get my tooth pulled, and when i go to the bathroom, my urine smells almost like bleach, but not exactly like . Horse is allergic to penicillin. had a chest infection so i went to my gp who confirmed this and gave me penicillin . My urine smells like rubber or charcoal, what is it caused from . My urine smells because I was taking penicillin? So apparently when you take penicillin your urine smells, which . My urine smells like a strong burning smell and my periods stop and start? Urine smell like penicillin and ark. . urine smells like turpentine or similar odor Posted by kareng . You can also start a course of antibiotic of penicillin or macrolide group. 2009 · penicillin antibiotics, urine specimen, smelly urine: Hi, alice, Sometimes kids on penicillin antibiotics like amoxicillin can have urine that smells funny. to munch on the Blue Spruce trees in their pasture, they have breath that smells like cat urine. 10. Why have i got a wierd smell in my urine? 04. Many of the experiences of some people when you urinate and urine surrounded by . My question is. How long will tooth infection pain last after starting penicillin? I have been taking penicillin vk for tooth pain and now after 2 days


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