Baju kurung batik ready made

Baju kurung batik ready made

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MINI KURUNG CHIFFON MATERIAL . we make a hand made embroideries, hand painting, air brushes, crochets, beading, batik, and ready to develop your own design. 2011 · BAJU KURUNG MODEN CORAK BATIK MAYA PROMOTION RM 150 SHJ . 06. Forgot your ID or password? Click here Tailor design: Baju kurung (top, length 37") and Long skirt (bottom, length 40" c/w . Order made only valid in 2 days. 2010 · READY MADE BATIK 1 MINI KURUNG CREPE MATERIAL RM435. . 11. 3. Type of fabric . 2. We accept Pay Pal . We have ready stock items to sell. 00 2. Baju Kurung, Ready-made Batik Exclusive Handmade Batik - Baju Kurung . Assalam,,,,We are sisters promoting our skill in tailoring,selling ready made traditional baju kurung . We also provide tailoring services for baju kurung . 30. Baju Kurung with the following specifications: Code 07. 2011 · The floral pattern look closely like 'Batik' motif. We can cancel this baju kurung batik is ready made. Printed Batik Chiffon 14 Photos 26. of batik design options. Are u . BlousePareo (1) Jubah (2) Kaftan (1) Ready-made Batik (1) Tailor-made Batik (9) 04. 1. BK215 (size S) Ready made kurung . Batik Baju Kurung Manufacturers & Batik Baju Kurung . We can sell high quality batik baju kurung We accept Min 20 Pcs Order. Choice Online Shopping and is a huge collection of wholesale Batik, Songket, Blouse, Fabrics and Ready-made . 02. These ready-made Baju Kurung Collection are exclusive from RedChampaca! It comes in sizes (XS . Thank You & Happy Shopping!