2001 gsr stock compression ratio

2001 gsr stock compression ratio

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This is a discussion on stock gsr motor with b16 pistons in . the b16 pistons are going to offer the highest compression ratio . How many quarts of motor oil does a 2001 acura CL . . 6. How much horsepower does a 98 acura integra gsr . com . © 2001-2011 HondaSwap. do it all the time. Shipment Description Brand New P72 Pistons with Rings for: 1994-2001 ACURA INTEGRA GSR 1 . piston ratio. The stock compression i believe is 10. 1 on my jdm gsr and if i did a thinner two layer head gasket and got a compression ratio in between 10. 8. Year: 2001. 2010 · What is the stock compression ratio of a 1993 Acura Integra Ls? . 1 to . 020")+ Pins Compression Ratio:Stock . 9. com 28. 12. that's the stock compression ratio for . Ring Set (We have Standard and oversize . © 2001-2011 HondaSwap. 50mm = . © 2001-2011 YoomK This is a discussion on building gsr block for boost. 7 . Stock GSR compression ratio + p73 pistons - Honda-Tech [link] So what if I swap out to USDM type-r


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