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Homeland Security Presidential Directive 5 HSPD 5 requires . Note: Ref. . Note: Ref. - FOIA agency guide for requesting DOD records as required by the FOIA Act. . to case 07-F-106508-F-0047 Byrd, Keith - 10/5 . . What is the role of secratary of homeland security? How many individuals were enlisted that required a morals waiver? Starting in 2000, the names . (5) How many soldiers request mental health services per year? How many soldiers . (5) When the stop loss policy was implemented originially and during the present . that required a morals waiver?08-F-0008 Mendoza, Martha The Associated Press 10 . . that required a morals waiver?08-F-0008 Mendoza, Martha The Associated Press 10 . to case 07-F-106508-F-0047 Byrd, Keith - 10/5 . What required people to undergo background checks?


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