Free screensaver download

Free screensaver download

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At 10:44 PM,  Larus said...

JRR Tolkien's awesome monogram: http://tinyurl.com/6y8j4yb

At 11:54 AM,  Gavinius said...

Okay here it is. Brezinski...however you spell it...must be involved. He's saying they went in to protect the citizens from taking a beating from Quadaffy Duck but forgot to plan the outcome more or less. Now they can't get out because they would look stupid. FORGOT TO PLAN THE OUTCOME.. keywords... it's what the radical left is famous for...FORGETTING TO CONSIDER THE OUTCOMES OF THEIR IDEAS.

At 01:57 AM,  Agamawield said...

all that post needs is one little double quote in the link, and it'll be all better