Chavepara ativa o para wipe

Chavepara ativa o para wipe

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At 03:45 PM,  Cogra said...

Xbad, it has no temp gauge?

At 04:50 PM,  Centrius said...

Mildred Smith January 29, 2011 at 7:20 am

At 05:33 AM,  Andromasius said...

Totally OT, but funny story involving DD#1:

At 05:47 PM,  Androlace said...

"Finally, as to your analogizing the facts laid out in the case involving publication of the contract between UH, a publicly funded university; and the Coach, a member of a government bargaining unit, elements of which contract both parties to the contract had voluntarily made public; versus publication of the birth records of private citizen Obama held by the DoH, well, apples and oranges."

At 06:05 AM,  Lagrinn said...

lol-just like stupid is what stupid does!