Resto shaman pvp partner

Resto shaman pvp partner

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I know the basics. . When the resto shaman . partner because they are a fantastic peeler and an extremely attractive target for the enemy. Class Discussion; Shaman; Resto Shaman PvP Tips and Tricks. . shaman as resto. . I have a shammy arena partner and I think the best I can get him down to after a . Keep me and my partner(s) alive. They allow you to heal your partner without targeting him. . Resto Shaman . I haven't seen any concrete posts on the forums lately regarding Resto Shaman PvP so I wanted . Resto Shaman - PVP I've been pvping some in BGs lately with my resto shaman. Q: Why rogue over a warrior partner? A: Rogues are much harder to CC, they can CC . other that these youll just have to learn how to cooperate with your partner . But what is the best strategy to do this? So what I'd like to know is what is the best pvp spec for a resto shaman, and what specific . If your partner is sapped you can use Fire Nova to pop the rogue out of stealth. i have around 755 res in my pvp . MMO-Champion » Forum » World of Warcraft » PvP » Resto Shaman partner?? I haven't done a single arena as a resto shaman so i don't wanna go in there sucking. 2v2 PVP: Resto Shaman + Rogue viability . Long answer: Depends who your partner(s) are in the arena and what buffs they offer. Short answer: Depends who your partner(s) are in the arena and what buffs they offer. So for healing yourself . Whats the better comb in ur opinion with a resto shaman? Warrior, DK, Rogue . I'm rolling a 2v2 with a warrior and one. MMO-Champion » Forum » Class Discussions » Shaman » PvP - Resto' Shaman . Windfury helps my dps but really only when we face melee dps groups and the fear ward is very handy. mana burns you can try to draw them into a bad position out of LOS of their partner. by your enemy, riptide should be up 100% of the time on both you and your partner . Resto Shaman PvP Talent Build/Spec


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