Darkmoon card for fury warrior

Darkmoon card for fury warrior

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is exactly the same, we had more buffs, and I even got a new trinket, the Darkmoon Card . What are the best items for a fury warrior in each slot at the moment? . Trinkets: Darkmoon Card > Fury of Five Flights > MoT/Loathebs Shadow Weapons: Betrayer of . missing windfury/icy talons that is like 800 dps, its the biggest buff a fury warrior can . I main a warrior too. I'm slightly annoying in that respect in that I . So, I'm currently using Darkmoon Card: Greatness . Darkmoon Card: Greatness Mirror of Truth Fury of the Five Flights . should pick it up and help out the raid. of Warcraft on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Darkmoon Card: Hurricane Is Pretty Good For Fury . In another post i think on wowhead, a fury warrior that tested it found that he got more . I used Darkmoon Card: Greatness in WoTLK pretty much the entire expansion, and a little into this one. hello, i got fury pve warrior, i have 2 trinkets, Grim toll and Mirror of Truth, but some people says that Darkmoon Card greatness is beter than grim toll? is that possible . Re: [ PvE] Fury warrior dps tips so i finaly got the darkmoon card greatness, and at the same time picked up the two-handed sword from 10man ICC lord marrowgar and i'm sitin at 11 . . I'm thinking Darkmoon Card: Wrath and the Unraveller . Darkmoon Card: Hurricane . Re: Hurricane trinket for Fury warrior? From googling I find this "Darkmoon Card: Hurricane damage done when triggered has been increased by 40%, however, it can no longer deal . World of Warcraft Forums Classes Warrior Hurricane Darkmoon Card for Fury . Tubey's All-In-One Warrior Raiding and . . MMO-Champion » Forum » Class Discussions » Warrior » Fury and Darkmoon Card: Hurricane Date Posted: 6/7/07 5:48pm Subject: Fury War and Darkmoon Card: Wrath: How well will this work? Considering raid DPS. ---Zachnafein lvl 80 Warrior . Darkmoon Card: Hurricane Is Pretty Good For Fury Warriors, Isn't It? . Is the Hurricane going to last as long? I play a fury warrior btw, and +321


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