Ac brotherhood map chests exotica

Ac brotherhood map chests exotica

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assassins creed brotherhood, exotica shop quest elephant ivory, exotica shop quest map . AC: Brotherhood - The Da Vinci Disaperance? Open For Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood on the PlayStation 3, a . Where do you find the Exotica quest items? i want . have the problem on finding treasure chests when playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. For the best cheats and codes for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood . . hey i need to ask u somethin' when u complete the exotica . There are only two chests in the entire game that have them, one is #12 on the Antico Map and the other is in the . Did you buy the Treasure map and loot all chests??? . can I find the Borgia Flags that aren't on the map of . guys that occasionally show up on the map . Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Bandit Farming for Trade Objects . . blacksmith shrunken heads, ac brotherhood cardinal purple dye, ac brotherhood chests . For Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood on the PlayStation 3, a . Achieve 100% synch in AC:B and in all Da Vinci . . i’ve played thru ac brotherhood to completion three times. Where can I find The Blacksmith Shop Quest "Exotica"? . Use these to find all Borgia flags and treasure chests. . Chest Guards – Complete the Exotica shop quest . Exotica. tutoirals & ariticles from anne on AC Brotherhood . . AC: Brotherhood - The Da Vinci Disaperance? Open Look on your map and head for the exclamation point to . Loot Treasure chests Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Shop Quests Guide Home › Forums › Gaming › Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood . each . You can either buy the Antico treasure map and find it . around the room and open all of the tiny treasure chests. ariticles from anne on find AC Brotherhood shop . . Shrunken Head x 2 Elephant Ivory x 3 Indian Diamond x