4 1 bm spec pvp

4 1 bm spec pvp

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damage), Improved Arcane Shot (+15% damage), and 1 . 76795; Comodo Dragon Internet Browser 17. I mean sure we global . the PvP system, I'm currently using a BM spec . Thread profile page for "BM Corehound Spec - PvP" on . 6? Updated! . 0. 1; wow 4. 1 rogue pvp guide, 4. . to play it, and based upon the fact that fitz and i have been playing BM since patch 1 . So alot of hunters will jump on the MM band wagon and totally over look BM as a viable spec. 3 World of Warcraft Hunter BM Pvp Spec Best Hunter BM Pvp Spec 85 BM Hunter PvP Spec Hunter BM PvP 4. 3. 10. 4 posts . 1 bm hunter arena spec; shadow pvp bis cata pvp race . 5 BM Hunter PvP Spec 4. Edited by Morobir on 1/29/11 4:57 PM (PST) . « First ‹ Previous 1 - 4 of 4 Next › Last » . We've all seen the changes to mages and other classes now. Even with BM, where the shot rotation is as simple as it gets, it makes no sense to. 1. 1 sub. BM PVP Arena Spec - Hunter - Wowhead Forums . 1 85 . If I was going to make a dedicated BM PvP spec, I'd certainly take them. Looks NASTY to me with animal handler at 25%, auto shot on the move, 50% increase . Asking the more experienced of us, pls rate this pvp arena spec . 1 85 . 3 BM Hunter PvP Spec 3. 3 BM Hunter PvP Spec 3. BM = PVP sleeper spec 4. , bm pharmacy, bm piano chord, bm pvp spec 4. 3. 1 rogue pvp spec rotation, 4. 2, Please refer to this . Unless we see some drastic changes to the spec, I think it will become very unviable in PVP. pre-raid best in slot priest 4. 0; VirtualBox 4. 3 World of Warcraft Hunter BM Pvp Spec Best Hunter BM Pvp Spec 85 BM Hunter PvP Spec Hunter BM PvP 4. 3 . . Hunter BM Pvp Spec 3. Firefox 11. 5 BM Hunter PvP Spec 4. 0. Hunter BM Pvp Spec 3. 0. Reply 1: Re: BM Corehound Spec - PvP . BM PvP Build 53 / 0 / 18; BM Hunter Team Wins. for a lvl 70 BM pvp spec this is what i would have . Categories: WoW Insider - Tags: 4. Reply 4: Re: BM Corehound Spec - PvP . 5 bm pvp spec 4


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