Ultrasonic pipe scanner

Ultrasonic pipe scanner

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The Manual Pipe Scanner is a dual axis scanner with a unique and simple clamp-on design. Pipe scanner mechanism Patent #: 4387598 Issued on: 06/14/1983 Inventor . attached, remotely operated low profile scanner designed to perform automated multi-axis ultrasonic . Model 6410 Continuous Pipe Scanner WesDyne AMDATA 20 International Drive Windsor, CT 06095 (USA) Voice: (860) 731-1683 FAX: (860) 731-1681 e-mail: glenn. Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) Corrosion Detection Pipe Scanner - Qualitest offers extensive . complete turnkey product includes data system w/ embedded scan controller, pipe scanner . Pipe Scanner; Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges; Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors; Holiday / Porosity Detectors; Video Borescopes; Testing and inspection of steel pipes and weld joints is . Pipe . Ultrasonic Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors; Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges . p. PROBES AND WEDGES See Olympus' "Phased Array Ultrasonic Probe" and "Ultrasonic Transducers . Vessel & Pipe Scanner. Ultrasonic Pipeline Girth Weld Inspection suited for cross country main lines, tie ins . Above is our P3-12, Pipe Scanner. Shown here are 2 of the most common scanners. It is a further object of the instant invention to provide a pipe scanner which may . of detection, to locate actual internal corrosion, coupled with A scan ultrasonic . 5/1/1983: 4387598: Pipe scanner mechanism: Jamieson: 6/1/1983: 4389894: Cylindrical guide rail for detector. Automated Pipe Scanner. Semi-automatic scanner for ultrasonic flaw detection: Fujimoto et al. Ultrasonic probing apparatus Patent #: 4331034 Issued on: 05/25/1982 Inventor: Takeda . NDT Systems manufactures several standard scanners for the PortaScan 007. LPS-1000. Patent Abstract: Remote-controlled system for moving an ultrasonic transducer assembly around a pipe where . The AMDATA product line added a custom scanner to increase throughput for automated ultrasonic pipeline inspections. The scanner inspects the lower quadrant of a specified pipe . Probe for intraluminal ultrasonic scanner: US4607925: Dec 28, 1984: Aug 26, 1986: Adek Corporation: In-pipe inspection system: US4757821: Nov 12, 1986: Jul 19, 1988 920-175B-EN MANUAL PIPE SCANNER CHAIN Scanner Weld Manual Pipe Scanner The CHAIN â„¢ scanner is . gagner@us


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