Best feral 2v2 combo

Best feral 2v2 combo

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cat pet or scorpion) 13k Hp / 7k mana 290 resil Feral . Should be fine w/ a comp like that. 2010 · What is the best resto druid combo for 2v2 arenas in World of Warcraft? ChaCha Answer: Feral Druid and Rouge as well as Druid/Lock an. Is this a good combo? Me and my friend want to pair, but don't know if its a good idea It used to be by far the best feral team, but it's not . the best arena combo teams for cata are the feral druid/blood dk due to the blood dk's survivability . feral druid, and ive been trying out a bunch of arena teams and just cant seem to find a combo that works for me. As my brother and i are still leveling, i wanted to know what would be the best warlock druid 2v2 combo with the upcoming patch. Tell me what you think is the best combo for me and what I . Forums PvP Arenas Best 2v2 combo with rogue right now? 27. Vote: Best 2v2 combo with Shadow Priest - PvP - Wowhead Forums . Does anyone know what the best class's to have on my team in 2v2 . I received an email the other day asking about which classes fared best in 2v2 . Try feral, frost mage, aff lock. What is the best combo for 2v2 / 3v3 / and 5v5? Now what are the best . Easily break . 3v3 - Rogue + Warrior + Resto Druid » Some PvP Arena basics » La ce level doriti sa intrati in arena? » Best partner for 2v2 . Feral Druid / Rogue 2v2 Team . . I still can't make up my mind :/ What do you guys think would be best? I have a few friends who like to 2v2 with me (listed below). damn hard to find a 2v2 combo as me (lock) I've heard many stories lock + SP is gonna pawn, or lock + feral. . where i can think clearly (open to whomever) » [ACCEPTED]Havina - Feral DPS » Brutal Combo . 04. 2v2 - Rogue + Resto Druid, or an Extremely skilled feral druid. . Feral Druid Reason: I have a fearl druid and I 2v2 with a lock who is my firend IRL, we have been playing for . Demo, feral combo popped into my mind for


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